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The GlobeCSF was Founded in Summer 2016 in cooperation with the Globe International Silent Film Festival. Pouria Mousavi, Founder & current director of the GlobeCSF envisaged working directly with filmmakers. In the beginning, the GlobeCSF started its production activities by co-produce "Lunch Time," a short film by Alireza Ghasemi. The company also worked as the International Sales & Festivals Agency of "Lunch Time." "Lunch Time" premiered in the Short Film Competition section of the 70th Cannes Film Festival, and was officially selected for more than 12 Oscar Qualifying Film Festival during its festival circulation time. (You can watch "Lunch Time" at the Vimeo Staffpicks) After getting the initial achievements, The GlobeCSF focuses on representing some of the best Iranian Short Films, which ignored or banned in Iran. Overall, nine projects presented by the GlobeCSF succeed in being the official selection of more than 70 International Film Festival. The GlobeCSF is intended to expand its feature film line-up and producing a new short film "Aban" in Iran. The primary approach of the GlobeCSF is producing and representing Iranian Independent Projects, which has been neglected for unartistic reasons like censorship or mainstream approaches. Expansion of the professionals' ability and International networking to produce and present the Independent Iranian projects. We try to expand stories from Independent artists' minds to International audiences' hearts.



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Pouria Mousavi

Pouria Mousavi was born on August 21st,1995, in Tehran, Iran. He started his academic studies in Pure & Practical Mathematic in the Amirkabir Univesity of Technology (Tehran’s Polytechnic), and He finished his studies with publishing his final BA project, “Modeling of the Algorithm of Programming of the film production with using the Linear Programming Algorithm.” During his studying, he worked as an active member of the cultural and artistic associations and clubs at the University. He was the deputy of the University’s Film Club in 2013, and he became the manager of it in 2014. Also, he was the manager of the University’s Music Club in 2015 and 2016. In 2015, Pouria became a member of the executive team of the first Tehran International Silent Film Festival, which holds on the Tehran University of Art. In 2016 He became the Vice president of the board of directors of the Globe International Silent Film Festival (GISFF). At the same time, he found The GlobeCSFThe GlobeCSF shapes a group of silent filmmakers to organize a jury committee for “Creativity Awards” of the Globe International Silent Film Festival. Also, the company produced and distributed two short films. “Madness” by Raha Amirfazli, and “Lunch Time” by Alireza Ghasemi. “Lunch Time” premiered at the Short Film Competition of the 70th Cannes Film Festival and selected by over the 12 Oscar Qualifying International Film Festival over the world. Since 2017, Pouria Mousavi has worked as the Director of the GlobeCSF as an International Film Sales and Production company. Also, he has collaborated with 24framesnews.com, which is a specialized website for short films. 

Leyla Parvaz

Leyla Parvaz was born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran.
In 2009, she started her career as an English Teacher. For two years from 2010, she studied English literature, then left the university.
In 2013 she re-entered university and studied a bachelor degree in film directing at Tehran University of Art.
At the 13th Nahal Student Short Film Festival, she worked as Executive Director. Later, she represented Nahal Festival and Tehran University of Art in International Student Film Festival of Saint- Joseph's University in Beirut.
She has worked as line-producer and director assistant in several short films and documentaries.
From 2017 she's been working as an International Film Sales Agent in GlobeCSF.

Ghazal Abedi

Maedeh Moeini

Film student at Tehran University of Art. Published articles in academic and cinematic university journals regarding filmmaking and literature. Several cooperations with The Globe International Silent Film Festival in public and international relations along with holding The Silent Film Week in the 3rd edition of GISFF in The Tehran University of Art, Faculty of Cinema and Theater screening non-verbal films from modern and directors. Collaborations with indie short filmmakers during and after several productions. A former member of the international affairs team at the Nahal Short Film Festival.

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