Zia would return to his motherland city after many years of work banishment, but his wife died suddenly. He wants to stay in the city where his wife lived. He searches for memories of youth days to find a way to his passed love and simultaneously tries to fasten, dying by rejecting life. Finally he finds the way through an imaginary memory which helps him to make his favorite journey.


  • Zia Taheri ( Zia )
  • Katayoun Saleki ( The pregnant girl )
  • Reyhaneh Ganji ( The girl )
  • Mahoor Mirza Nejad ( The Young Girl )


  • Director : S. Abbas (Farhad) Taheri
  • Writers : S. Abbas Taheri
  • Producer : S. Abbas Taheri & Yousef Zeinabi
  • Production company : IYSC
  • Director of Photography (DoP) : Majid Yazdani
  • Editor : Bahram Emrani
  • Sound Recordist : Mostafa Manjili
  • Sound Designing : Ensieh Maleki
  • Music Composer : Karim Sehri

Technical details

  • Film Color (Aspect ratio) : Color (1:2.35)
  • Genres : Drama ,
  • Runtime : 27 Minutes
  • Film Type : Short Film
  • Production Years : 2020
  • Language : Persian
  • country : Iran

Festivals & Awards

S. Abbas (Farhad) Taheri


S. Abbas Taheri (Also Known: Farhad Taheri) decided to change his life and study cinema while he was working as a successful Master civil Engineer in oil plants construction. He entered Tehran University of Art by passing National university entrance exam with top grade and automatically received a grant of Iran’s National Elites Foundation. He majored in Cinema with top grade and was selected as the brilliant talent of university

As a filmmaker, Farhad Taheri started his profession from the first year of studying cinema by making short films and that has continued since then. He has made five narrative short films and six documentary short films some of which have been screened and received awards in Iranian and international festivals. The obvious point in his works is an artistic effort to find his individual style on telling local but global stories, expressing his personal ideas about life, existence, and death. Searching for beauty, happiness, and peace among huge amounts of sadness, bitterness, and anxieties is a thread which weaves together his works.


  • 2020 , Iran - Day of Sunsets
  • 2015 , Iran - The Seashell
  • 2014 , Iran - Always Calling You
  • 2013 , Iran - Until Tomorrow

Trailer Day of Sunsets

Day of Sunsets (2019) - Official Trailer from GlobeCSF on Vimeo.