London Short Film Festival


Marlon, a good-looking bright child, is forced to audition for a part in a film. He makes every effort to get rejected. 
Marlon and other children in the same situation are victims of their parents’ pure selfishness. They are so in love with the glamour of cinema and the fame that they do whatever they can to see their children on screen. They can’t bear any other future for their children. So they ignore their children’s dreams and favorites and put a lot of pressure on them.



  • Director : Dornaz Hajiha
  • Writers : Dornaz Hajiha
  • Producer : Dornaz Hajiha
  • Director of Photography (DoP) : Tayub Hussein
  • Editor : Ashkan Mehri
  • Sound Recordist : Mortaza Shah
  • Sound Designing : Ehsun Afshariyan

Technical details

  • Film Color (Aspect ratio) : Color (1:1.85)
  • Genres : Drama ,
  • Runtime : 13 Minutes
  • Film Type : Short Fiction
  • Production Years : 2017
  • Language : English
  • country : United Kingdom
  • Release Date : 2017-01-09

Festivals & Awards

  • ( 2017 ) 14th London Short Film Festival - Official Selection

Dornaz Hajiha


I was born in Tehran, Iran in 1988. I got my BA of fine arts in Alzahza University in Tehran. I worked as a photographer and graphic designer for a couple of years. My first move to the world of cinema was a theory workshop with Bahram Beyzayi. After that, I had a long term workshop with Asghar Farhadi. I made my first short in that workshop which won the third prize at The Image Of The Year Film Festival. I was lucky to win the scholarship from Magic of Persia to attend LFS. At LFS I've worked on many films in different roles. My main focus from the beginning was directing films that are written by myself, and I got the opportunity to direct four films at LFS. My Graduation film “Marziyeh” got an excellent review in the school by critics and students. I had a Q and A for my grad film at LFS before I leave London. “Marlon,” a film that directed and produced by myself and “Marziyeh” both got into London Short Film Festival 2017.


  • 2017 , United Kingdom - Marlon
  • 2017 , Iran - Marziyeh

Trailer Marlon